Friday, April 11, 2008

WSPBuilder.exe version (experimental)

I finally got around to implement the Mono.Cecil library into WSPBuilder. I hope this will solve some of the resolvment issues with assembly reflection that was with Assembly.LoadFrom. Further more that Global Assembly Cache is ignored when loading assemblies. Also security reflection (CAS) of the assemblies have been improved and should now be complete. The -CustomCas parameter still needs improvement and may be rewritten.

WSPBuilder.exe version (experimental)
Note! This version is a complete rewrite of the assembly reflection done in WSPBuilder and therefore the experimental status.
Assembly reflection is now done with the Mono.Cecil project. This enables the WSPBuilder to reflect on assemblies without having to load all depending assemblies.
-DLLReferencePath are now obsolete, because there is no need for load depending assemblies, but it still may be used in the future.
The WSPBuilder are not able to detect if a control is inherited from a WebControl, therefore there may be more safecontrols tags in the manifest. This is because that depending assemblies are not loaded.
Code Access Security declaration in the manifest.xml have been improved for DLLs in the 80\Bin folder.
The "assembly is already in the GAC bug" have been solved. WSPBuilder now only loads assemblies from the project folder and do not care about the assemblies in the Global Assembly Cache.
-PermissionSetLevel do NOT support Unrestricted PermissionSet. Because its not possible to add this to the manifest.xml.

Note that there are two versions on codeplex.
Different versions:
WSPBuilder Extensions ver. 1.0.1 - Visual Studio Addin, wspbuilder.exe is included in this package.
WSPBuilder.exe version (experimental) - Only exe file and libraries.

The x64 version of WSPBuilder.exe will be added to codeplex soon.

Thats it for today.