Tuesday, July 22, 2008

WSPBuilder Extensions 1.0.3 - Visual Studio Addin

A new version of WSPBuilder Extensions 1.0.3 for Visual Studio has been released on codeplex.

  • Now uses the WSPBuilder version.
  • The Addin has been totally rewritten and should now work properly. A number of bugs fixed.
  • The WSPBuilder menu is now available from the Tools menu.
  • The shortcut key bug now fixed.
  • A new command "Copy to GAC" Added.
  • You are now able to use “Copy to 12 hive” on project, selected folder or files under the 12 hive folder.
  • The WebPart Item template has been updated.

Note: To use the WSPBuilder Extensions on a x64 system, replace the CABLIB.DLL x86 version, found in “Program Files\WSPTools” folder and Global Assembly Cache, with a CABLIB.DLL x64 version. Look for the CABLIB.DLL x64 version in a previous x64 release of WSPBuilder.