Tuesday, July 22, 2008

WSPBuilder Extensions 1.0.3 - Visual Studio Addin

A new version of WSPBuilder Extensions 1.0.3 for Visual Studio has been released on codeplex.

  • Now uses the WSPBuilder version.
  • The Addin has been totally rewritten and should now work properly. A number of bugs fixed.
  • The WSPBuilder menu is now available from the Tools menu.
  • The shortcut key bug now fixed.
  • A new command "Copy to GAC" Added.
  • You are now able to use “Copy to 12 hive” on project, selected folder or files under the 12 hive folder.
  • The WebPart Item template has been updated.

Note: To use the WSPBuilder Extensions on a x64 system, replace the CABLIB.DLL x86 version, found in “Program Files\WSPTools” folder and Global Assembly Cache, with a CABLIB.DLL x64 version. Look for the CABLIB.DLL x64 version in a previous x64 release of WSPBuilder.


Karikalan said...
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Karikalan said...

How to create the deployment package for custom master page? we have created the custom.master master page, style.css and images folder for team site. Can you give me the steps how to create the deployment package for these pages using WSPBuilder Extensions?

Anonymous said...

I have some additional chhanges in web.config for my customer webparts, how do I update the SharePoint site web.config while deploying the solution using the solution deployment mechanism. FYI I have 5 WFE hence can't do this manually.

Alf said...

Hello Carsten (or anyone else).
I am running Visual Studio 2008 on Windows Vista SP1.

When I install the Visual Studio Add-in from the installer, it will not work. The context menu does not show, and Visual studio have no knowledge of the add-in. (it is not in the add-in manager)

Does anyone have a clue to what I need to do?

123 said...

I have the same problem with Version 1.0.5

The WSP-Builder-Extensions are not available under Tools, nor in the Context-Menue of the solution.

It also doesnt appear in Info of Visual Studio 2008

I am Using Visual Studio 2008 SP1 English, Windows Server 2003 SP2

Thanks for any help

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