Monday, April 19, 2010

WSPBuilder systems compatibility

The following table show the compatibility with different systems. The WSPBuilder is a normal console application build in c# .NET. The WSPBuilder Extensions is addon made for Visual Studio, but its still the same console application running in the background when building from Visual Studio.

System WSPBuilder WSPBuilder 2010*
.NET 2.0 Yes Yes
x32 bit Yes Yes
x64 bit Yes Yes
All versions of Windows with .NET installed Yes Yes
Visual Studio 2005 Yes Yes
Visual Studio 2008 Yes Yes
Visual Studio 2010 No Yes
SharePoint 2007 Yes Yes
SharePoint 2010 No Yes

* Note: WSPBuilder 2010 may still be in beta.

WSPBuilder 2010 supports all the same systems as the previous WSPBuilder versions, so you can use it for building SharePoint 2007 (Wss 3.0) solutions without any problems.


Blog.Runxc said...

Any idea on when the WSPBuilder Extensions for VS2010 are going to be done. I have really been wanting to add a F5 replacement option ... i.e. It would be nice if the WSPBuilder extions had an option that would Build the Visual Studio project, create the WSP package, deploy the WSP Package and then attach to the IIS worker process. The extensions can already do all of this but it would be nice if I could press just one button to do all of that.

Content said...

Installing and uninstalling the WSP package every time you have to debug was never the idea of the WSPBuilder development cycle. Usually you install and deploy ones and then CopyToGAC when ever you need to debug. This is maybe a little harder to get right in the beginning but I still think its the best fastest way to do debuggin for SharePoint.

Bill White said...

I've installed wspbuilder and my Visual Studio 2005 templates have all disappeared. My add new item dialog now shows only 'visual basic items' with a single subitem for wspbuilder.

Has anyone seen this? Know how to correct it? I haven't tried anything yet because I figure a good suggestion would be superior to my random attempts at correction.

-- Bill White

Blog.Runxc said...

Hmmm that is a good point. I have been building a much larger project and we have javascript/css/user controls/web parts/aspx pages etc that we are adding and CopyToGac doesn't copy those files over if there were any changes in them. With the VS2010 RC I couldn't always attach to the IIS process after using CopyToGac, I guess that is why I went to deploying the WSP everytime as I could allways attach the debuger after deploying but only 70% of the time using the CopyToGac

bkn said...

CopyToGAC for the DLL, and if you use the proper directories ( use wspbuilder -CreateFolder true ), then you can use copy 12 to deploy changes to css, js, layouts, etc. Prette easy.

Claud said...

Does that mean i can't use the console app WSPBuilder.exe version x86 (Console app) to build my packages for 2010? I'm in the process of migrating our solutions from 2007 to 2010. We use the console app to package up our solution. Will there be a console app version release for 2010? Or is there something to replace it?

Narasimhan said...

I am new to sharepoint and trying to package and deploy a sharepoint solution to a different sharepoint server. I am not sure if this is the right place to ask this question too.
I am trying to use the WSPBuilder console application to create the wsp file. It is mentioned that the files need to be placed in the 12 hive folder structure. I am able to locate my custom web parts in the server under the 12/Template/Features/ folder. But im not able to locate any of the custom lists or images used in my sharepoint application.

Sorry if this is a dumb question.


Geno said...

Carsten - great tool, thank you for taking the time to create it.

We are having problems using the workflow templates. I see that it is a known issue with beta 1.4 version. Do you plan to release an update soon?

If not, do you have any advise about how to create a workflow using VS2010 that can be packaged with WSPBuilder?

Sander de Koning said...

Found an issue building wsp's for SP2007 in VS2010:

the existence of a /80/App_GlobalResources folder removes 2007 compatibility

Removing this folder makes the WSP 2007 compatible again.

Anonymous said...

Great tool indeed but I am bit in the same boat as Blog.Runxc although that's not because I want it: the 'Upgrade' was placed next to the 'Uninstall'... Very bad from an UI perspective.... any way to change that please, sir?

Guy Gilboa said...

Are yu planing to release a new version of wspbuilder for sp2013?