Saturday, March 02, 2013

SharePoint Manager 2013 Online on App Store

Finally I got the SharePoint Manager 2013 Online app on the SharePoint App Store after 5 very long weeks. The app was already ready back in January but due to an internal error in the approval process that resulted in a exceptional long approval time and then it was denied approval a couple of times because it did not meet all the requirements.

But now its out there go and try it out. SharePoint Manager 2013 Online. This version is build purely on JavaScript and only runs client side, but you are still able to view most of the data hidden behind the scenes.

Question: Will the Online version cost anything?

Answer: The Online version is a per person license, but it supports a 15 days trail.

Question: What are the status of the server side version found on Codplex?

Answer: The server side version of SharePoint Manager 2013 is still under GPL and free, there will be no changes here. The development of this version will continue when needed.


From the description of the Online version:
The highly recognize community tool SharePoint Manager, has now come in a version that works in Microsoft Online solutions. SharePoint Manager 2013 Online, provides the user a quick and easy overview of the structure and data hidden behind the scenes. Unlike the server version on codeplex, this app only uses html and javascript leveraging the SharePoint REST api. The well-known navigation tree on the left side and a property panel on the right side deliver an extremely user-friendly interface, which allows the user to burrow into SharePoint Online structure and hidden gems.


2 comments: said...

Hi Carsten,

the Project SharePoint Manager for Office 365 is still running?

I have installed a test version but I can't see e.g no Content Type??

Regards Ralf Happe

brad said...

Link is dead from Microsoft.