Sunday, October 21, 2007

WSPBuilder Visual Studio extensions is underway.

Now the WSPBuilder.exe is nearing version 1.0, its time to look at some integration into Visual Studio. This means that there will be Visual Studio project and item templates with Build and Deploy menu functions in the Project Context menu. Currently I got the menu items added by use of Visual Studio Add-ins and soon the templates will follow. It will be packed up in a nice MSI install package, so hassle there. If you cant wait to see the progress you can download the source code from codeplex.

Major change in WSPDeploy.exe....

The WSPDeploy.exe has been merged into WSPBuilder.exe, because there is no need for two EXE files when you can settle with one. However has be tested a bit more before release.

Dev-Connections in Las Vegas? Yes... I'll will bee there :)

So if you are around Las Vegas in November 2007 and want to talk about building WSP solutions, you are most welcome.


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