Friday, August 22, 2008

WSPBuilder.exe version x86

New version of WSPBuilder has been released on codeplex.

This time some major issues with SecurityAttibutes reflection has been solved and also reflection on assemblies to created the relevant SafeControl tags has been implemented. Now the WSPBuilder with the Mono.Cecil project, is better able to create a correct manifest.xml than it was with the normal .NET assembly reflection. The only downfall is that WSPBuilder is a little bit slower than before, but it should not be notable. Also the Assembly Element tags has been moved to the top of the manifest.xml file in order to ensure that assemblies is deployed first, this seems to solve a problem in rare occasions.

Change list:
  • Assembly element tags in the manifest.xml is placed in the top of the manifest.xml file.
  • Resolvement of assemblies is now supported with Mono.Cecil in order to create relevant SafeControl tags. Use the -DLLRefencePath argument to resolve referenced assemblies.
  • Bug fixed where the 80\WPResources was not included-.
  • Bug fixed where the security attributes was not reflected correctly.

Take care :o)

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